why payment reform?

There is an escalating need to curtail rising expenditures on health care, of which the payment of physicians, and expenses controlled or influenced by physicians, are key drivers.

The Commission

The National Commission on Physician Payment Reform was formed to assess how and how much doctors get paid, as well as potential impacts of proposed healthcare payment models such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), patient-centered medical homes and value-based purchasing. The Commission adopted 12 recommendations for reforming physician payment that help constrain costs and optimize care.

The Commission has re-issued its report in September 2014 in order to urge Congress to continue their work toward a repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate.

The Report

Doctor's Report Coming 2013

The Commission issued its recommendations on how to reform the physician payment system in March 2013. Read the full report and watch the March 4 Capitol Briefing.

Read the 2014 Re-Issuance Op-Ed written by Senator Bill Frist and Dr. Steven Schroeder